Fostering Intergenerational Entrepreneurship
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The Centre for Social Experimentation and Innovation (CEIS) was the setting for the activities of the Intergenerational Entrepreneurship Programme of the UAW – United at Work Project. The CEIS is a multifunctional location where a set of specific and interdependent activities are developed to catalyse, accelerate and disseminate ideas, projects and innovative companies with social values (social companies). This is a co-work and meeting space for technicians, experts, entrepreneurs, which serves as a meeting point to analyse, discuss, create and develop innovative solutions that go beyond existing practices and responses. The space at the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa’s Instituto de São Pedro de Alcântara, was designed to inspire and fuel the creative process, interaction and collaboration between the various occupants and the public. The operating model is based on economic sustainability of their activity and includes the following aspects:

  • The identification of opportunities for social business;
  • Idea and co-creation laboratory;
  • Workshops for training and accelerating innovative projects;
  • Spaces for co-working and the incubation of enterprises;
  • Spaces for the exhibition and dissemination of products and services;
  • Debate and leisure spaces (lounge).

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With support from the EU

This Programme is supported by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity PROGRESS (2007 - 2013). This programme is implemented by the European Commission and created to financially support the execution of the European Union's goals in the field of employment, social issues and equality of opportunities, thus contributing to achieve the goals of Estratégia Europa 2020 in these areas. The seven years Programme targets anyone interested who can help shape the development of adequate and effective employment, as well as legislation and social policies, in all EU-28, EFTA / EEA countries and countries applying and pre-applying for the EU. For more information see: