Fostering Intergenerational Entrepreneurship
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The UAW Project is developed over 3 distinct phases: Public Debate, Intergenerational Entrepreneurship Programme, Dissemination.

1st Phase - Public Debate

In the Public Debate phase the aim was to discuss unemployment among youth and qualified seniors, disseminate the potential of entrepreneurship and intergenerational practices and mobilize citizens for the identification of social needs and the creation of innovative ideas. At this stage the Debate Forum was opened, a space for sharing and collaborating open to the public and in which all users could identify needs, discuss and comment on ideas in the area of social action and culture/heritage.

2nd Stage – Intergenerational Entrepreneurship Programme

The Intergenerational Entrepreneurship Programme was aimed at empowering intergenerational teams in the development of business projects and support the creation of joint enterprises. This phase was developed in three steps after the selection of the entrepreneurs: Team building, Training and Incubation. In the first step, activities to facilitate the interaction between young and senior people and the creation of intergenerational teams, empower participants and teams to develop projects, speed up the creation of joint companies (co-creation) and support teams in the process of launching their products and services with dedicated spaces and specialised services.

3rd Phase – Dissemination

The results of the Project were continually assessed and good practices shared by holding a series of events including the International Conferences (Lisbon, Belfast and Barcelona), workshops, production and dissemination of the Project’s assessment documents. In the dissemination stage the goal is to ensure the dissemination of the Project and the sharing of good practices and results allowing others to be able to benefit from its results and recommendations.

Results from the project will allow an evaluation of the advantages of associating the skills and experiences of young and senior people in the development of entrepreneurial projects and to elaborate a set of recommendations for the development of measures in support of intergenerational entrepreneurship.

With support from the EU

This Programme is supported by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity PROGRESS (2007 - 2013). This programme is implemented by the European Commission and created to financially support the execution of the European Union's goals in the field of employment, social issues and equality of opportunities, thus contributing to achieve the goals of Estratégia Europa 2020 in these areas. The seven years Programme targets anyone interested who can help shape the development of adequate and effective employment, as well as legislation and social policies, in all EU-28, EFTA / EEA countries and countries applying and pre-applying for the EU. For more information see: