Fostering Intergenerational Entrepreneurship
United At Work is unity through work.
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UAW - United At Work is the hallmark of the "Fostering Intergenerational Entrepreneurship" project - Promoting Intergenerational Entrepreneurship, a social experimentation project of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, co financed by the European Union PROGRESS Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity ( 2007-2013).

The SCML submitted this Project to the PROGRESS programme in 2013, and it was selected from among 128 applications from all over Europe. The Project won first place in the five projects funded in this framework, receiving the maximum possible financing, amounting to 80% of the execution value of the project. The Commission considered of great interest the approach of addressing unemployment among youth and economically active seniors, in a joint initiative of creation of new companies, thus promoting the intergenerational relations.

This is a Project which represents a social experiment testing an innovative methodology to promote intergenerational entrepreneurship, uniting young graduates looking for their first job (up to 30 years old) and unemployed or professionally inactive seniors who have advanced academic and professional qualifications (over 55 years of old). The goal is to contribute to the shaping of an active employment policy that allows the joint integration of unemployed youth and economically active seniors through entrepreneurship. This project is relevant in the field of intergenerational relations, as a concrete proposal to stimulate the productive collaboration between generations, simultaneously addressing the difficulty of economically active seniors in returning to the labour, and the difficulty of young people in joining the labour market.

Economically active seniors add value due to their experience, skills and maturity, the juniors add their knowledge, openness to innovation and their willingness to take risks.

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, through the Department for Entrepreneurship and the Social Economy, promotes entrepreneurship between generations to create more jobs and new companies developed jointly by qualified youth and seniors.

The United At Work Project began in October 2013, and was developed until the end of 2015. The methodology of the Project is part of a model of social innovation which is set in a sequence of phases: Public debate, Intergenerational Entrepreneurship Programme and Dissemination.

With support from the EU

This Programme is supported by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity PROGRESS (2007 - 2013). This programme is implemented by the European Commission and created to financially support the execution of the European Union's goals in the field of employment, social issues and equality of opportunities, thus contributing to achieve the goals of Estratégia Europa 2020 in these areas. The seven years Programme targets anyone interested who can help shape the development of adequate and effective employment, as well as legislation and social policies, in all EU-28, EFTA / EEA countries and countries applying and pre-applying for the EU. For more information see: